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Photographers|Adventurers|Chipotle eaters


We’re Adam & Becca Davis.

and we’re probably going to be best friends



We’re Columbus, Indiana based wedding photographers, pet parents, and Chipotle consumers. We’re here for the real moments. The moments that you’ll cherish for decades.



1993: We were both born and lived down the street from each other AND had a mutual best friend. Somehow it took us another decade and a half to meet.

2010: We met for the first time is our high school psychology class. Our psych teacher still swears she knew we were going to end up together. Apparently we stared at each other all during class.

2014: Our psych teacher’s premonition finally came true and we started dating…right before Adam was about to move 300 some miles away!

2015: We quickly figured out this was the real deal and got engaged a little under a year after we’d started dating.

2016: We adopted our first fur baby, Maria, in January and our second fur baby, Lilly, in June. We launched our business in May and we tied the knot in July. In August we bought our first place.

2017 - Now: We have moved 6 times, but really think we’ve finally found the one. Our last two fur babies joined us in 2017 and we learned quickly 4 pets is a LOT of pets. We’ve travelled all over the US from the mountains to the ocean. We’ve captured over 60 wedding days and can’t wait to add to that number. AND we’re expecting our first human baby! Charlie will be joining us on 1/1/2020 if he’s punctual like his mom.


Our Wedding Experience

We love connecting with you and truly learning your story. We don’t want to just capture your wedding and then move on. Our favorite celebration comes from when we have a client that has turned into a friend and we get to celebrate so many life milestones together.

We want this to be about so much more than the day you hired us to cover. We want to capture your full story. We want to be there for your engagement, wedding, and all of the exciting moments that follow.


Adam & Becca Davis are Columbus, Indiana wedding photographers. They work together as a photographer and videography team specializing in wedding photography and commercial branding. Adam & Becca approach wedding photography and other works with a modern twist on a timeless trade. They provide wedding photography and videography services in Indianapolis, Bloomington, Columbus, Chicago, and beyond. They provide photography services ranging from weddings, family, seniors, new borns, brands, and commercial but prioritize story telling in all of the work they do. They strive to create photos and videos that will show your timeless story or perfectly promote your vision. They believe in timeless over trends.


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