I'm Adam Davis, your head photographer and lead memory preserver. Photography has been a passion of mine for over 7 years as I've been all over the world capturing little pieces of this beautiful place.

For me, photography began as a hobby during a college internship where I got my first taste of was a Canon Rebel can do. Since then, my passion has only grown. I may be using a much more advanced Canon - just opened up my new Canon 6D Mkii, but the passion from that very first photo is still what drives me.

When Becca and I got married we saw that on top of our pretty cool marriage, we also had another opportunity. So, we married her business mind with my photography passion and created A.R. Davis Photography. Working together, capturing your wedding, has become such an inspiration for us. Each wedding is a new opportunity to capture and tell a story. And we can't wait to tell your story!