When Winter Meets Summer in Holiday Park

The newly weds, Mr. and Mrs. Kindred, were the lucky winners of our Valentine's Day Instagram giveaway--and we are so happy they were! We knew that we wanted to do an outdoor session with Cody + Alex (yes--I know, we always like to do outdoor sessions. But can you blame us?! Every stage of nature is perfect!). After all, how could we pass on getting the opportunity to be outside in a park and feel like it was a beautiful summer day in February?!

Well, we quickly learned that almost everyone else in the Indianapolis area had the same idea. Our original plan to go for a hike in Eagle Creek Park was quickly halted when we discovered the park was closed due to reaching maximum capacity. When we learned this, we quickly headed to the other side of Indy to check out Fort Harrison...but they were only letting one car in as one car left the park! I mean, we couldn't blame anyone--it was perfect outside!

Thanks to Alex's quick thinking, she thought of Holiday Park, so we met Cody + Alex (and Remy) there. And it was perfect. We had a blast just chatting with these two, learning their beautiful story, hearing about their wedding, and of course hanging out with the show stopper, Remy!