Spring Proposal at McCormick's Creek State Park | Bloomington Wedding Photographer

Katie and Jake don't have a typical relationship. For the past year, they have been living hundreds of miles apart. Even with all of those miles between them, their relationship grew stronger and stronger.

Being a friend of Katie's, I have been able to watch for her daily happy day posts (she's been doing the happy day challenge for over 1000 days!!). Seeing the happy day posts make me happier every time, but what really melts my heart is when the happy day is about Jake. Even though he is all the way back in Indiana while she makes her abode in Florida.

Whether it was the frequent Skype dates to watch movies or shows together, or perhaps it was just a tale old as time that distance does in fact make the heart stronger. I'm not sure, but I do know that when Adam and I got to work with Katie and Jake, and capture their engagement, there was pure love on the camera.

The way he looks at her, the way she laughs with him. Their love is beautiful and I know that I am already tearing up thinking of how beautiful their wedding will be in just a little over a month.

So, we hope you enjoy these images of pure love just as much as we do. <3