3 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Getting engaged is one of those milestones in your life that you never forget. It’s the start of an incredible time in your life and if you’re anything like me, you want to tell your friends and family the good news right away. I can still remember when Adam proposed so clearly and it’s a memory I absolutely love to look back on. I think I spent the next week (okay, okay, months) staring at the shiny diamond that was now on my left hand.

It was just such an exciting time and I love that you get to celebrate the milestone with your friends and family throughout the months leading up to your wedding. If you’re Type A like me and get a thrill from calendars and excel sheets and all of that, then you probably had a lot of your wedding planned in the weeks following your engagement which is so awesome! But even if you’re a bit more relaxed about your planning, I’ve thought up my Top 3 tips for picking your wedding photographer, from the mind of a Type A planner and experienced wedding photographer! So let’s do this.

Free tip: make an account on The Knot if you haven’t already! I loved using The Knot when we were planning our wedding. Not only was it useful to have a checklist of what to have done and when, but I also loved having their massive index of vendors with reviews from previous couples!

One of the first things on most wedding checklists are to pick your venue because if you have your heart set on a specific venue, then your date will most likely be dictated by their availability. If your flexible on where you get married but have a specific date in mind, then definitely check out a handful of venues to see what you love!

Once you have your venue and wedding date, or even before, I recommend booking your photographer as soon as possible. For example, we typically book our weddings 9-17 months in advance so our calendar fills up just as quickly as most popular venues especially if you’re having a summer or fall wedding.

Here are my top 3 tips that I share with a lot of our clients about choosing a wedding photographer from my own wedding planning experience and also my experience as wedding photographer!

1. Determine Your Budget

Flowers:  Pomp&Bloom  | Dress:  That Special Touch  | Venue:  Cedar Ridg e

It’s important to have a good idea of what you are wanting to spend on your wedding. The Knot can really help with giving some guidance on how much of your total budget to allot to large ticket items like your venue, catering, and photography. It’s also important to have some wiggle room incase you end up falling in love with a vendor who is a little out of your price point.

Something to keep in your mind during your budget break down is what will be around the day after the wedding and your 50th anniversary. And friends, that is photography and videography. How many times have you picked up your grandparents or parents wedding photo?

I want to share this advice as a past bride not as a photographer. I can’t stress enough that you should view photography and videography as an investment. During the planning process I remember being swept away in cake tastings and catering meetings. And those things were amazing on wedding day and I wouldn’t change a thing. BUT, Adam and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary this past July and I didn’t pull out the catering menu or a cupcake to taste. I pulled out our wedding album and flipped through the pages remember the way he looked at me during our first look, how small our little Lilly was when we did photos with her, and so many other special moments. I played our wedding video and just about died, like every time I watch it, as a see Lilly’s little puppy body excitedly wagging toward Adam and I when we did a first look with her. These are the two things I cherish and am so happy we invested in the vendors we did because I know I’ll cherish showing our wedding photos off for the rest of my life, and I hope that our kids keep them to show off once we’re gone.

With that in mind, I know that budgets are still important, but I have never heard someone wish they had chosen a cheaper photographer…but I’m sure we all have that one friend who regrets so often that they didn’t invest in their wedding photos.

2. Do Your Research & Determine Your Style

Flowers:  Cake Connection  | Dress:  BHLDN  | Tux:  Joseph A. Bank  | Venue: Parent's Home!

Okay, so now you have your budget figured out and are planning to set aside a significant amount of that to invest in photography and videography. The next step is to do your research. Jump on The Knot and look through photographers who have been given rockstar reviews from their past clients. Search wedding hashtags on Instagram and see if you can start following some photographers that you would love to work with. And of course ask your friends for referrals!

You can also use Pinterset and Instagram to find what styles you really love. Once you have found that style, look for photographers who shoot using that style. And check where those Pins lead! They may lead you right to your dream photographers website.

For example, we do a pretty consistent mix of documentary (read: candid) and traditional (read: posed). We do this mixture because we love, love, love capturing the candid, unplanned moments that will enable you to remember how you felt on your wedding day. But we also know that being in front of the camera can be so awkward and we use poses to make sure you feel comfortable and look stunning.

3. Hire A Photographer You Could Hang Out With

Florist:  Lily Lane  | Dress:  David's Bridal  | Tux:  Macy's  | Venue:  Avon Gardens

This is the most common piece of advice we share with our wedding couples and during consultations if people ask for advice on picking a photographer. When you connect with your photographer I promise it will make your images so much better.

If you connect with your photographer, then your wedding day will be a blast and you won’t mind the camera at all throughout the day because you’ll feel so comfortable. We spend more time with you on your wedding day than any guest at your wedding except for maybe your bridesmaids and groomsment. We really pride ourselves on making the experience feel like your are hanging out with a good friend and more times than not, we’re all sad to part when our coverage is up!

An engagement session can also be very helpful with this. That’s why we include a complimentary engagement session with our photography packages because we want to hang out with you and we want you to get comfortable with us and being in front of our camera before your wedding day! If you want to go with a photographer who doesn’t include an engagement session in their collections, I highly recommend adding one on when booking.

Have any other questions? Need some advice? Get in touch! I can’t wait to help during this exciting time!

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