Donner Park Late Fall Family Session | Columbus, IN Family Photographer

Family photo session in the fall at Donner Park in Columbus, Indiana

You know those people in your life that it seems like you’ve known forever? Well, for me, these are those people. I’m pretty sure I’ve known Devon longer than any other friend - we met way back when before pre-k in the Columbus, Indiana Parks & Rec soccer league! All these years later, I was so happy to get to hang out with this group of loving and hilarious people while they were home for the holidays. The second they reached out about scheduling a family session in Columbus for some updating family portraits and Christmas Card, I was so psyched!

I feel like, so often, we move through life so busy that we don’t have the time to take a step back and document the exciting season we’re in. As photographers, you would think we have to be better at this? But yet I can’t help but notice all of the times that I let precious moments slip away without grabbing a photo. That is a huge part of why I love family sessions. It’s so much more meaningful to me than just taking a photo or putting you and your family in a pose. I was to capture the season you are in - the smiles, the laughter, the love. Sure, I also always love to get that timeless posed shot but it’s the moments between the photos that I’m really looking for. The moments when your sister wraps you in a big “I miss you when you’re away” hug. Or maybe when you can’t help but smile, lovingly, at your husband as you see the beautiful family you’ve successfully raised. Those are the moments I live for in a family session!

Too often we can move through those seasons, as everyone gets busier and busier, without taking a step back - even for a quick 15 minutes - to document the season your family is in. So, let us help you. Let us help your prioritize this beautiful time in your lives - because it goes by so, so quickly. Let’s get together and let’s celebrate this life you’re crafting. Let’s tell your story through beautiful, timeless, lifestyle portraits every year as your seasons change. Let’s do this!

candid moment of husband and wife during family photo sessions in Columbus, Indiana
Family photography session in Columbus, Indiana
Siblings during family photo session
siblings during family photo session
Christmas card family portrait session in Columbus, IN
family photos in Columbus, Indiana