Are you a dreamer?

Do you love telling stories through photography? Are you wanting to start your own creative small business but aren’t quite sure how to get it off the ground or even what the next steps are? Have you checked out all of our free resources but want to dive deeper and actually see how it’s done?

Perfect! Then you are in the right place. We started offering mentor sessions because we know that amount of learning needed to not only take great, timeless photos, but also to run a small business and pay your taxes!

Our set up is simple, we aren’t rigid people. We just want to chat and get to know you and help you grow. This industry can so quickly become about competition and comparison, but most professionals know that it isn’t really about that - it’s about community. So let’s get together for coffee to get to know each other and kick this mentor relationship off!

What is the minimum you can expect to get? (1) Two cheerleaders who are dedicated to your success - creative and financial success. (2) Advice and tips on managing a new business - from taxes to business insurance. (3) Post session process flow from file back-up to client delivery. (4) Hands-on experience during a session with us! (5) Whatever you need - this is about your development, so make it what you want!

Let’s chat about the big and little questions you have. Nothing is off the table here! We can get down into the nitty gritty of pricing for a livable income, knowing when to quit the day job, or even full blown editing! We’ll have a brief call before this session to make sure we’re prepared to get you the most our of your session! You’ll also get some great business tools that are only available through signing up for mentorship sessions!

We offer two types of mentoring for you to pick from!

Option 1 - 1:1 Single Session $75

Session may occur in person (preferred) or over skype/FaceTime

  • 1 hour of coaching

  • 5% discount on all ARDP educational resources

Option 2 - 1:1 Session & Hands-On Experience $175

Session must occur in person

  • 1 hour of coaching

  • 2 hours of hands-on experience during a custom session

  • 5% discount on all ARDP educational resources

Option 3: Entrepreneurs Package $799

  • 6 months of dedicated coaching

  • 1 coaching session per month for 1 hour

  • 2 hands-on experience sessions for 2 hours each during months 2 and 6

  • 15% discount on all ARDP educational resources