Hey, there!

We’re probably going to be best friends.


We’re Adam & Becca Davis.


We’re Columbus, Indiana based wedding photographers, pet parents, and Chipotle consumers. We are photographers for the real moments that will be just as beautiful 50 years from now as they are today.


This business, this story - we love it. Maybe we’re biased, but we think it’s a pretty good one.

It all started back in 2010 when we just so happened to have the same high school psych class together. The story of that psychology class is very dependent on who you talk to.

If you ask our psych teacher, she’ll swear that she knew from day one that we were going to end up together. We both always laughed it off because we didn’t really see whatever spark she was seeing…honestly we should probably have her predict the Hoosier Lotto for us…

From being close friends to getting married, starting a business, adopting 4 furry babies, moving many many times. We’ve done a lot, but seriously, one of our favorite things about all of it was starting this business. The people we have met and become friends with, the stories we have told. It’s more meaningful than we could ever say, and we can’t wait to jump on this adventure with you.

We have a passion for creating & story telling which is why we feel so at home when working on our little business. We feel so, so lucky to get to work alongside each other because we both get to provide different strengths to the business. Adam is the original artist in our relationship. One of Becca’s favorite “fan girl” things to share about him is the summer he was invited to a film academy in London! Becca brought the business savvy and the crazy drive to work these small business hours. Getting to share the adventure of each new client, each new milestone of our business with each other is something that we don’t take lightly. We know how luck we are that we’re able to work and grow together and we’re so grateful to YOU for making our dream a reality.

We love connecting with you and truly learning your story. We don’t want to just capture your wedding and then move on. Our favorite celebration comes from when we have a client that has turned into a friend and we get to celebrate so many life milestones together. We want this to be about so much more than the day you hired us to cover. We want to capture your full story. We want to be there for your engagement, weddings, and all of the exciting moments that follow.

Get To Know Us

  • We originally launched our business as A.R. Davis Photography. The “A” stood for Adam and the “R” stood for Rebecca. We thought we were VERY clever.

  • We’ve moved 6 times in 3 years…but we think we’ve finally found our forever home.

  • We will argue to the end that our pets are our children and probably at least one of them (Lilly) will be going to Harvard. What, like it’s hard?

  • Chipotle is the best.

  • We love to travel and explore but also crave weekends at home with the kiddos (read: pets) relaxing.

  • Adam is really into video games, movies, podcasts, and books.

  • Becca is really into exercising, playing with the pups, reading, and entrepreneurship (seriously, she genuinely enjoys writing business plans).

We seriously cannot wait to meet you and dream with you!


Our Process

We believe in an experience.

We truly want to have a relationship with all of our clients - because we don’t want to call you a client, we want to call you a friend. From the very beginning, we decided that we wanted this to be about people, about stories. And we believe that deep connection comes from an experience.

The Wedding Experience

Our goal is to be your everything. The last thing we want is to just show up and take your pictures. We want to know how you met, what makes you laugh, we want to know you. Over the course of our business, we have refined our wedding process so that it helps our perfect couple find us and us support you as best as we possibly can.

  1. Wedding resources: Whether we’re the perfect fit for you or not, we’ve created some very helpful wedding resources to guide you through finding your ideal photographer, timeline planning, and so much more.

  2. Consultation: There are some situations where we will book right away and not have a consultation, but that is very rare. This time is so important because we both need to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. We’ll ask you to tell us all about you and your story. Again, the consultation is for us to get to know each other better - w'e’ll have plenty of time to talk about the wedding vision over the next few months or more! We’ll also dive into what you can expect from us and how the wedding process goes - a bit more detail than what you’ll see here!

  3. Booking: YAY! So, we both feel we’re a great fit and that’s so exciting. For us, every wedding is a custom booking - so you build your own wedding package, with our guidance of course! Once we’ve crafted your wedding package, we’ll send you over a contract, everyone will sign, deposits will be made, and then all the fun begins!

  4. Wedding Planning: This is such a big part of the process! We’re with you every step of the way. If you have questions about vendors, ceremony start times, or anything else - we love to help you out with this! We always build a custom timeline with you about 1 month prior to the wedding. That way no one has to worry about what is happening when and where! We’ll Make sure we have all of the final details from you at least two weeks prior to the wedding so there is no worries or pressure added to you!

  5. WEDDING DAY: YAYAYAYA! It’s here! And we’ll be 110% ready. We’ll have our timeline, we’ll show up early, we’ll get all the beautiful candids, all of the timeless moments, and every other gorgeous detail. As soon as we leave your reception we’ll immediately back-up your images four different ways and start the editing process!

  6. The Delivery Process: We always aim to get you 1-3 sneak peek images within 4 days of your wedding so you can share on social media and enjoy a little teaser of your day! You can expect to have all of your wedding images back within 8 weeks. They’ll be delivered through a super easy to use online gallery.

We hope this gives you some insight into the experience, but honestly, it’s even more than what we’ve listed! We love to love on our wedding couples so you can expect nothing but our very best. And we hope our relationship continues well past your wedding day!

The Photography & Videography Experience

If you are booking us for non-wedding related work, you can expect a scaled down version of the wedding experience since we won’t be spending as much time together prior to the session. After all, we typically don’t have as much time!

  • Session prep guides

  • Location and timeline planning & guidance

  • Outfit planning advice

  • Super easy to use online gallery

  • And whatever other hands on support you are needing!

Love what you see so far? Then let’s do this!