Mini sessions

Mini sessions are a shortened photo shoot that are truly perfect for families (especially with littles!), quick headshot sessions, and honestly anything else! 

Instead of 30 minutes or more, you’ll have a short and sweet 15 minute session. We love mini sessions because they're easy on you and are easy to squeeze into your busy calendar! 

2024 mini sessions are here

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Want to know why we offer mini sessions? 

We know how hard it can be to make time for a full 30+ minute photo shoot. We also know 30+ minutes can be pretty taxing on your littles. 

We also firmly believe that each stage in life deserves to be preserved so you can look back on it in the future. 

Mini sessions are also so versatile! 

They can be used for updating family photos (once a year or even through multiple seasons), milestones with your kids, headshots, quick maternity photos or engagement photos, photos with your pets…the options are limitless and completely flexible to you! 

preserve the moment

want to know why we offer mini sessions?

We're all about options




When it comes to mini sessions, we really love to offer plenty of options. We know scheduling busy calendars can be hard, so our goal is to have plenty of options available!

Summer | 6/1 - Columbus, IN

Columbus, IN summer minis will be at Cummins HQ's near the ivy pillars and fountain.

Fall | 10/26 (Columbus) & 10/27 (Indy)

Few things are better than fall in the Midwest! We'll have two dates available this fall. 10/26 will be at Donner Park in Columbus, IN. 10/27 will be at Garfield Park in Indianapolis, IN.

Christmas | 12/8 (Columbus)

We'll be heading back to the fun to the fun Christmas installation at Columbus City Hall for our 2024 Christmas minis! 

grabbing my time slot now

"So kind, responsive, professional, talented, creative (and everything else you would want in a photographer). They did professional headshots for our doctorate program, and everyone loved their photos! I seriously can not think of a better team to work with! I highly highly suggest booking with Adam and Becca—you will not regret it one bit!!! Whether you need company photos, wedding photos (or video), family photos, etc... Adam and Becca are the way to go!"

— katie

“Adam and becca are amazing!!"

We know that it can be pretty uncomfortable to be on camera. But guess what? We've crafted an exceptional experience that begins well before your mini session. You'll go into it feeling prepared and ready. 

Then, our team will guide you each step of the way (and read your body language!) to ensure you get incredible images and maybe even enjoy your time in front of our cameras 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 

Experience and memories are our specialty

15-Minute mini Session:
The gift of moments in time preserved for you to savor for generations. 

watch your lives chang and grow:
We love seeing our repeat clients each year (or multiple times a year!) for mini sessions and seeing how life has evolved for you 💛

Join us for our 2024 mini sessions and preserve your precious memories

Secure your mini session(s) before calendars close.

Freeze moments in time

starting at $225

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Choose your date

select your time slot through the scheduling link below or email us at to secure your session(s). 


6/1/24 |Cummins Head quarters - $225

columbus, IN


columbus, IN & Indy


12/8/23 | City Hall (Columbus) - $225

10/27/24 | Garfield Park (Indy) - $275

10/26/24| Donner Park (Columbus) - $225

columbus, IN

Booking access begins at 7PM April 18, 2024. All sessions are first come first serve!

Navigate the calendar to the session date to see availability.

Choose your time slot(S)

booking process

We create your custom invoice



Our booking process is below, but know you can always email us to schedule your spot as well!

Receive your invoice and contract


pay invoice & sign contract


Session prep & Mini session


To book a mini session, you will choose your time slot by selecting the time slot(s) on our scheduling tool or by emailing us your preferred time slot(s).

Once we have all of the sessions you want to book, we’ll calculate your total investment and early bird discount, if applicable.

Early bird discount: $25 off per session booked. 

We’ll send you an invoice & contract that you can easily review on your phone, tablet, or computer.

We keep a hold on your time slot(s) for 30 minutes. If your contract isn't completed within 30 minutes, the time will be made available for others.

Before your session, we'll send prep information so you feel confident and ready to go. You'll receive your images within 10 days through an online gallery.

For outdoor sessions, we'll keep our eye on the weather and work to reschedule if needed!

"10/10 recommend!"

"Very friendly, personable photographers and staff in general. 

The images were fabulous and they had great ideas and were flexible with weather changes. 

10/10 recommend!"

- Betsy

kind words from clients

"the photos were beautiful"

“I had a great time working with this company! The photos are beautiful and the personality of the photographer is even better. We had such a great time taking photos on my friends wedding day!”

- Jeri

"We are so happy we chose them!"

"Everyone at A.R. Davis Media was so kind and helpful from the very first day. 

They were so supportive, informative, and flexible throughout the whole process. 

We are so happy we chose them!"

- Alex

15-minute photo shoot

Exceptional experience including preparation support

10 day (or sooner!) turnaround - we try to get our Christmas minis back within a few days for those wanting to use them for Christmas Cards!

what comes with my mini session?

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Delivery through your own online gallery & personalized storefront

Expert guidance throughout the mini session

Printing rights to your images

you may be wondering

 How do you get enough photos in such a short time?

You’d be surprised by how many photos we can get in just 10 minutes! Trust us, you’ll have plenty of great photos to choose from. Frequently photographing weddings has taught us to be skilled at making a lot happen in a small amount of time. We’ve got you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many images do I get from a mini session? 

You will receive a minimum of 15 images from a 20-minute mini session.

What if my kids are not in the mood?

Sometimes they are just not feeling it. We work to help your child feel comfortable with us. We never want to make a child feel uncomfortable with a camera!

We respect their boundaries and sometimes they just need a breather.

Want to know the real truth, though?

Most of the time when parents are so worried about their kids behaving or looking at the camera, it’s actually the parents that aren’t looking at the camera! We promise even if things feel a little chaotic at times, the photos will turn out beautifully.

If your kid or baby just really needs a break and the mini session time slot has ended, we will work with you to make it up either between sessions or on another day. Life happens!

How do I know which time slot to book?

The best way to book your mini session is to think about your schedule and what works best. Don’t get caught up in the sunset! If sunset photos are after your little one’s bedtime, it’d be better to have photos when your kid is in a happier mood than have golden hour lighting!

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