Second Photographer

The role of second photographer is perfect for a creative individual who may or may not have significant photography or wedding photography experience. This individual will be provided hands-on and consistent coaching on camera equipment, adobe products, client management, client experience, wedding day management and much more. You will be able to gain significant wedding photography experience and business/client experience skills. Our vision for this person is to come along side us and support as a second photographer and/or assistant with the opportunity to become an associate photographer if it is a good fit for both of us!

This individual does not need to have professional camera equipment but must be willing to rent and/or purchase equipment for mentoring sessions and wedding days.


-          Willingness to learn and be coached

-          Willingness to commit to second shooting opportunities for 2019 & 2020

-          Minimal photography experience required

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Please remember that if you do not have experience, it will not exclude you from qualifying for this position.
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Please remember that if you do not have equipment, it will not exclude you from qualifying for this position.
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