Porch Project | COVID-19 Memories

April 30, 2020

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Porch Project | COVID-19 Memories
Porch Project | COVID-19 Memories
Porch Project | COVID-19 Memories
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What a crazy, crazy time we’re living in! I am a planner by nature but even my planning never had “global pandemic” popping up as a possibility for how 2020 was going to go. I thought the most challenging thing Adam and I would have to face in 2020 would be welcoming Charlie into the world! Luckily, that little cutie has been a huge blessing to us during this quarantine time.

There is so much uncertainty surrounding everything it seems these days. It’s a lot to take in with so many places being closed, to wearing face masks and not being able to see family and friends. One of the biggest challenges for us, of course, has been the impact to the wedding industry. We have had to work with so many couples to reschedule their wedding and it just breaks our hearts to see them have to go through the stress of planning a wedding just to have it all come apart right before wedding day.

There is so much stress and anxiety floating around right now, that we wanted to have a way to remember this time and the good it brought us instead of dwelling on the stress that is so prevalent. And that is where the Front Porch Project comes in! We were so excite to participate in a local fundraiser run by another local photographer (Angela Jackson Photography) to capture some great memories of our family while also giving back to the United Way.

I love that years from now we can look back at these photos and remember that while there was uncertainty and stress, there was also the blessing of time. Time spent with our little guy that we wouldn’t have had otherwise because we would’ve been in the office or at a wedding. While there is plenty we’ve had to reschedule or have missed out on, I feel lucky every day that I get to spend with Charlie. I look forward to remembering, years from now, sitting on the porch swing with Charlie and Adam while the world took a collective pause to focus on health, safety, and each other.

Front Porch sessions -349.jpg

Front Porch sessions -353.jpg

Front Porch sessions -344.jpg

Front Porch sessions -370.jpg

Front Porch sessions -373.jpg

Front Porch sessions -399.jpg

Front Porch sessions -435.jpg

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