3 Key Ways We Support Our Wedding Couples

February 14, 2022

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3 Key Ways We Support Our Wedding Couples
3 Key Ways We Support Our Wedding Couples
3 Key Ways We Support Our Wedding Couples
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Ever since the very beginning Adam and I have been constantly working towards ensuring we provide our couples with an exceptional experience. We talk about it a lot and brainstorm areas to improve and change things as trends come and go and our business evolves. 

When we think about what an exceptional experience means to us, we’re referring to our couples having minimal stress and being able to be fully present throughout the planning process and on wedding day. 

An exceptional experience can have multiple aspects and ours definitely does, like our 80+ page wedding planning guide. However, from a high level, we’ve pulled our experience into 3 key aspects: timeline planning, direction & expertise, and clear communication.


Timeline Planning

When you work with us for your wedding, we are very involved in the timeline planning of your day. This has been a valuable part of our business and experience for years as we’ve created wedding day timelines for hundreds of our clients. 

So much of a wedding day is truly tied to the photographer and their plan. We wanted to alleviate stress from our couples so they wouldn’t feel like they needed to create a timeline for the entire day. Afterall, we go to weddings almost every weekend! 

Typically, 3-4 months prior to the wedding, we’ll work out a few timeline iterations for our couples until we agree on the best fit for their wedding.

Direction & Expertise

One of the valuable ways we can serve our wedding couples is by providing supportive, clear direction and expertise. This can be leading up to wedding day, but especially on wedding day. It’s no secret that being on camera is anxiety inducing for so many people. We work hard throughout the wedding day to build our couples up so they have the confidence to enjoy being on camera. 

We share our expertise by telling them how to cut the cake, hold a bouquet, we pin boutonnieres, and even sometimes sew dresses. We’re there for our couples when they need us whether that is an emotional candid shot they didn’t even know we captured or getting them water on a hot July day. 

Specifically, during the portrait slots throughout the day, we will guide our couples through poses and prompts so they can be present with each other. We’ll get through family photos efficiently and ensure your wedding party has a blast while taking photos.

Clear Communication

Throughout the wedding process (when a client books with us until we deliver their final photos and videos) we are in constant, clear communication with our clients. We want to ensure that there is never a point in the time they are working with us that they don’t know what is going on. Planning a wedding can easily become one of the most stressful things you’ll do when it should be a fun experience. 


Our goal is to reduce as much stress as possible by sending clear expectations to our couples on exactly what to expect through the process of working with us, a custom wedding planning guide, clearly explaining what to expect on wedding day, and providing a clear and concise delivery plan after an engagement session and wedding day. 

These steps of communication are an integral part of our workflow and a big contributor to our couples not being stressed about when they will be receiving their photos and films.

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