AI and the Creative Process: A Photographer’s Perspective

September 13, 2023

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AI and the Creative Process: A Photographer’s Perspective
AI and the Creative Process: A Photographer’s Perspective
AI and the Creative Process: A Photographer’s Perspective
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Duration: Approximately 36 minutes

This week, we’re bringing the conversation into the future. We’re spending this episode talking about Artificial Intelligence, or AI. It’s quite the buzzword recently and can come with a wide range of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. For some, AI feels like a threat. For others, it’s a new age, and for others, it’s a helpful assistant. And you know what? We think it’s all valid.

We’re going to dive into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence, and we can’t wait to chat about AI’s incredible applications in our photography business and the creative industry as a whole. Discover how AI can save you time, boost productivity, and allow you to focus on what truly matters: your artistry.

Adam takes the interviewer seat this episode and asks Becca about the different AI tools she’s been using in our business. From workflow automation using Zapier to AI-powered editing and culling with Narrative Select, Lightroom, and Photoshop Beta, we’re about to explore all about streamlining the creative process with AI. We’ll also highlight some of the challenging impacts that can come with AI advancements.

We’ll round things out by highlighting an AI trailblazer, Lauren, owner of the Bemused Studio, who has harnessed the power of AI to transform her graphic design work and teach others how to do the same. Her use of AI, especially tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, is truly inspiring.

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Thank you for joining us for another exciting season of the A Couple and Some Cameras podcast! We can’t wait to share more stories, insights, and inspiration with you. Stay tuned for our next episode!

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