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Brainstorm These 3 Ideas Before Booking Your Brand Shoot

February 7, 2022

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Brainstorm These 3 Ideas Before Booking Your Brand Shoot
Brainstorm These 3 Ideas Before Booking Your Brand Shoot
Brainstorm These 3 Ideas Before Booking Your Brand Shoot
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It’s no secret that a successful brand is always helped by having on-brand content that speaks to your ideal customer. When you work to curate photos and videos into that content strategy, your content will pop off the page and stand out when compared to your competitors. 

At the same time, having your photo taken can be stressful and a branding shoot can be a big investment for a small business.

We get it.

Which is why we’re sharing this list of 3 things to brainstorm before booking your brand shoot. Once you’ve thought through these 3 key ideas, you’ll be able to schedule a branding shoot with a clear goal and vision. This will not only help you head into the shoot with more confidence, but it will help your creative team (your photographer and videographer) plan for the shoot.

3 Key Ideas to Brainstorm Before Booking Your Brand Shoot

1. How do you want to use the content from your shoot?

Will you be using the content for a product launch? Marketing collateral? Facebook ad campaign? A new website? A content strategy for social media? All of the above?

Knowing how you will use the content can help your creative team know what to emphasize throughout the shoot. It can also help you with planning as far as optimizing the outfits and props you incorporate. 

If you want to have content for a product or course launch, you’ll want to ensure you have the outfits and props you’d like to incorporate throughout the course’s content and marketing strategy. 

If you want to ensure you have plenty of stock image content, you’ll want to plan your on-brand props well in advance so you can make any purchases if needed.

2. How long do you want to be able to use the content?

Knowing how long you want to use the content is important as well because it can help your creative team know how long the shoot could be and help you with planning outfits and props. For example, if you want to do a full day shoot and have content for multiple quarters, you’ll probably want to bring outfits and props that can fit different seasons so you aren’t posting only summer content in the dead of winter!

We have clients that do full day shoots for a full quarter or multiple quarters of contents, and we also have clients that do shoots “as needed”  throughout the year.


3. What is your brand message?

Knowing your brand message will be instrumental in guiding you through how you want your brand to appear in the content your creative team will be creating. Your brand message influences your outfits, overall branding, and content messaging. We worked with Lauren, owner of The Bemused Studio, for our recent re-branding, and absolutely love how well she crafted a brand image and message that aligned with Adam and I!


Once you think through these 3 ideas, hit us up and let’s get you on our branding calendar! We can’t wait to be a part of growing your business!


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