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Discovering Our Signature Editing Style: Dive In To The Saga

April 2, 2024

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Discovering Our Signature Editing Style: Dive In To The Saga
Discovering Our Signature Editing Style: Dive In To The Saga
Discovering Our Signature Editing Style: Dive In To The Saga
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Navigating the vast sea of photography editing styles is no small feat. It’s an adventure, filled with experimentation, discovery, and a whole lot of passion. In our quest to find the perfect editing style that resonates with our work and identity, we’ve traversed through various phases, each unique and beautiful in its own right.

The Exploration Begins

Our journey kicked off in the realm of the dark and moody. This style, known for its deep shadows, rich colors, and an overall mysterious vibe, taught us the power of emotion in photography. While we reveled in the intensity it brought to our images, we realized that this mood didn’t always align with the narrative we wanted to tell.

As we continued our exploration, we dabbled in the light and airy aesthetic. The opposite of dark and moody, this style is characterized by its soft, pastel tones, bright exposures, and an ethereal feel. It was a breath of fresh air and brought a certain whimsy to our portfolio. Yet, we felt it sometimes lacked the depth and realism we aimed to capture.

Finding Our Middle Ground

The turning point came when we decided to merge the best of both worlds, leading us to our true calling: the true-to-color editing style. This style strikes a perfect balance, retaining the natural colors and textures of the scene, while still allowing for a touch of creative flair.

Embracing true-to-color editing transformed our work. It instilled a newfound confidence in our images. Knowing our editing style allowed us to shoot with the end result in mind, streamlining our workflow and enhancing the consistency of our portfolio. We refined our editing process, ensuring that each image not only told a story but did so in the most authentic way possible.

Looking Ahead

We’re beyond excited to announce that later this year, we’ll be making our very own presets available! These presets are the culmination of our journey, designed to help fellow photographers achieve the true-to-color excellence we’ve fallen in love with.

We Want to Hear From You

What’s your editing style? Are you a fan of the true-to-color look, or do you find yourself drawn to the light and airy or dark and moody aesthetics? Share your thoughts with us. Your journey, like ours, is unique, and we can’t wait to hear about the styles that resonate with you.

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