How We Help You Feel Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

April 8, 2021

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How We Help You Feel Comfortable In Front Of The Camera
How We Help You Feel Comfortable In Front Of The Camera
How We Help You Feel Comfortable In Front Of The Camera
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It’s no secret that most people do not enjoy being in front of the camera. We completely get it and, honestly, I’ve felt that way many times too!

 It can feel like a lot of pressure to look great while also trying to figure out what the heck to do with your hands!

 That’s where we come in. It’s our job and our goal to help you feel not only comfortable in front of our camera, but to feel confident and enjoy yourself during our time together. One of the most common things we hear from our clients is that they are not comfortable being on camera and, in most cases, haven’t done professional photos before.


And, you know what?


After our photo session together, you will not only have forgotten that you hate being in front of a camera, but you will feel good about yourself while enjoying your photoshoot!

 You may be thinking: “Yeah, that sounds nice and all, but I seriously hate being in front of a camera! There is no way I’ll enjoy a photoshoot. How could you possibly make it so I actually enjoy a photoshoot?”

 The biggest thing to know is: we’ve got you.

 We customize each session around you.

 Prior to our shoot, we’ll send planning resources, provide as much guidance with what to wear as you like, and send a pre-session questionnaire so we have all of the details we need. This questionnaire includes filling us in on if you have any questions or concerns about your session.

 We’ll answer all of your questions and fill you in on all of the details for your session so you know exactly where to be and what to expect.

 At your photo shoot, we start off the session with “warm up” poses that are simple and easy – think pictures that your grandma wants to have framed on her mantle! We’ll be your official hype team, and as we move through the session, we’ll keep hyping you up and start giving you fun prompts to create relaxed, candid moments.

 If we’re getting together for a family shoot, don’t worry too much about your kiddos looking at the camera! It’s important that they feel comfortable too! Kids typically need a little warm up as well to get used to the camera. Our favorite family photo moments always come from you just interacting with each other! This approach helps your kids feel comfortable quickly and allows everyone to have more fun.

 If you’re still a little doubtful that we’ll help you feel comfortable and feel natural on camera, check out these photos below from a recent styled shoot! These two had never met prior to arriving for the styled shoot, were not professional models, and didn’t do professional photos often, but yet their photos together turned out so natural!

 Bottom line: we’ve got you!

 You are worthy of having your special moments in life captured on camera and you will look and feel confident while we’re doing it! And, I promise we’ll tell you what to do with your hands!













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