How To Create and Capture Candid Wedding Photos (& Video)

October 25, 2023

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How To Create and Capture Candid Wedding Photos (& Video)
How To Create and Capture Candid Wedding Photos (& Video)
How To Create and Capture Candid Wedding Photos (& Video)
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Duration: Approximately 42 minutes

Welcome back to another episode of A Couple and Some Cameras! In today’s episode, we’re diving into the differences between posed, prompted, and candid photos and the process by which each is captured. 

Current trends in wedding photography have shifted heavily towards candid imagery. We’re here for it! But it’s important to understand what candid truly means in the world of wedding photography. Often times, we’ll see a TikTok or reel where someone is saying how they only want candid images and then sharing examples of what they mean. And, more often than not, those examples are almost always prompted images and not candid photos. 

What are posed, prompted, and candid photos?

Posed Photos

Posed photos are fully directed by the photographer. The photographer is setting the entire image and directing the subjects where to look, place their hands, and more. This can be a traditional image of someone smiling at the camera, but it can also be editorial in nature with specific lighting and hand placement. 

Prompted Photos

Prompted photos are when a photographer sets the scene and then coaches the subject on what will happen next. It allows the subject to interpret the prompt in a way that naturally fits with the end result, creating the candid moment the photographer is planning for. An example of this could be a photographer giving their subjects the prompt to run towards each other as if they haven’t seen each other for months. The photographer isn’t necessarily wanting the running part of this prompt; they’re looking for the aftermath. The true candid comes about after the prompt. 

Candid Photos

Candid photos are captured through a documentary or photojournalistic approach. These are moments that have evolved organically with no coaching, setup, prep, or prompting. The photographer is in the background, capturing moments as they unfold naturally. This is how the majority of wedding receptions are photographed. 

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