How to Take Stunning Wedding Photos that are Kind to the Environment

March 5, 2024

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How to Take Stunning Wedding Photos that are Kind to the Environment
How to Take Stunning Wedding Photos that are Kind to the Environment
How to Take Stunning Wedding Photos that are Kind to the Environment
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We’re excited to share a new guest blog post, this time focused on ensuring environmental responsibility while taking wedding photos!

All newlyweds hope for a stunning album of wedding photos that they can look back on fondly for years to come. For the eco-conscious couple, it’s important to consider the impact that photography can have on the environment – both on the day of your wedding and long after the last dance.

Luckily, there are ways to limit your environmental impact whilst still ensuring that you have plenty of stunning photos to treasure. This has to start with couples and photographers working together to follow the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles. This can be achieved by sourcing a vendor whose eco credentials align with yours. When it comes to your photos, let’s take a look at how you can make the process as sustainable as possible.

Choose a Photographer Committed to Sustainability

Photo printing has not traditionally been the most sustainable of practices. Luckily for the eco-conscious couple, there are ways to combat these issues. You can start by choosing your wedding photographer based on their commitment to sustainability. Usually, this will mean that they make use of rechargeable batteries, and sustainable printing materials such as recycled paper and eco-friendly ink, as well as potentially donating a portion of their profits to eco charities. In addition, they’ll understand that a good photo opportunity shouldn’t come at the expense of environmental harm, so they’ll be able to work closely with you to capture the most beautiful photos without having to compromise on your principles.

Your photographer should be able to talk to you in detail about how their efforts to ensure ethical, environmentally friendly practices. This should include a commitment to the “Leave No Trace” initiative.

Take Outdoor Photos Responsibly

While it’s great to appreciate the sights and sounds of nature, it’s important to act mindfully and responsibly when spending time outdoors. Enjoy the scenery of your venue and take beautiful photos while also respecting the environment.

In order to reduce the impact on the environment when taking wedding photos outdoors, it’s best to remind ourselves of the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles and stick to areas specially designated for exploring. This sentiment is particularly pertinent if you’re getting married outdoors or in a protected area. As beautiful as an off-the-beaten-track photo may be, think about how much damage you could be doing just to access any beautiful spots; you risk trampling natural habitats, upsetting wildlife, and ultimately causing devastation to ecosystems unknowingly.

Similarly, it’s best to avoid carrying more items than you truly need – or else you risk leaving litter behind that can both damage the environment and harm small creatures. In the same way you shouldn’t leave any items behind, don’t be tempted to use any natural props to embellish your photos. Picking flowers or moving other living objects may not seem significant, but if every visitor had the same mindset, damage can quickly accumulate.

It’s easy to take beautiful outdoor pictures responsibly!

Proper preparation is key to ensuring you’re sticking to the ‘Leave No Trace’ ethos, so make sure it’s a part of the planning process.

Support Eco-movements and Schemes

If you’re eager to make a statement, it may be worth getting in touch with environmental reserves or sanctuaries to see if you can have some wedding photos taken on their site. This is a wonderful way to advertise their contribution to the fight against climate change, and it could also encourage future newlyweds to incorporate sustainability into their big day. Or, why not ask your guests for a little cash as a wedding gift, and donate the money to an environmental charity or project? By simply choosing not to receive lots of presents that may potentially go to waste, you can give a little back to a movement that means something to you.

A Few Simple Steps to Save the Planet

Tying the knot is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people, and unfortunately, some couples downplay the impact that their wedding can have on the environment if they don’t take a mindful approach. By working with your photographer and wedding vendor team to consider how you can make your wedding more sustainable, you can significantly reduce your impact, and ensure that the wonders of the world can be enjoyed for years to come.

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