Mini Session FAQ

April 11, 2022

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Mini Session FAQ
Mini Session FAQ
Mini Session FAQ
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If you have questions about mini sessions, you’ve come to the right place! We love offering mini sessions every year because they provide you with a short and sweet way to get updated family photos, headshots, and more! The shorter session time is great for little kids and pets, who tend to have a smaller attention span for the camera! Plus, you’ll be able to schedule the session at a lower price than a typical, longer session.

 Honestly, there are so many benefits to mini sessions, and we get excited each year when we announce our mini session dates. This year, not only are we offering more mini session opportunities, but we are also making it possible to get early bird & bundling discounts by signing up for your sessions and time slots early!








 What is a mini session?

A mini session is a shortened photo shoot. Instead of 30 minutes or more, you’ll have a short and sweet 10–20-minute session. These are easy to schedule on your busy calendar since they don’t require too much of your day. They are lower priced than a regular session while still getting a great number of images!

 What can a mini session be used for?

Mini sessions are really versatile. They can be used for updating family photos (once a year or even through multiple seasons), milestones with your kids, headshots, quick maternity photos or engagement photos, photos with your pets…the options are limitless and completely flexible to you! This year we plan to not use a set for our sessions so that you’re able to have a lot of freedom to use the mini sessions for different purposes. We will be launching our spring mini sessions just in time for Mother’s Day though!

 How long are the sessions?

Our sessions vary from 10 to 20 minutes. We’ve found these lengths to be the perfect amount of time to get great photos without taking too much or your day or making little ones (or pets) stay in front of the camera too long! If you’re wanting a longer session or want to involve extended family members, you can book two mini sessions back-to-back and triple your session time!

 How do you get enough photos in such a short time?

You’d be surprised by how many photos we can get in just 10 minutes! Trust us, you’ll have plenty of great photos to choose from. Frequently photographing weddings has taught us to be skilled at making a lot happen in a small amount of time. We’ve got you!

 Where are the sessions?

This year, our spring, summer and fall mini sessions will be in Columbus and Indianapolis, Indiana. Our Christmas session will be at a Columbus, IN city hall in front of the massive Christmas Tree and at the Solider’s and Sailor’s Monument in Indianapolis, IN.

How do I know which time slot to book?

The best way to book your mini session is to think about your schedule and what works best. Don’t get caught up in the sunset! If sunset photos are after your little one’s bedtime, it’d be better to have photos when your kid is in a happier mood than have golden hour lighting!

 When can I sign up to make sure I get the time slots I want?

Our email list will have first dibs on all mini session time slots! We’ll release the remaining time slots to social media a few days after we share them with our email list. If you want to make sure you get first dibs, sign up for our mini session email list HERE.

What if I want a longer session?

You can book back-to-back mini session time slots. If you’re wanting to include extended family members or are just wanting more photos, we recommend doing this! Another option is to book a regular session with us. Regular sessions are more expensive but will give you more flexibility in scheduling and location. Our regular session calendar fills up quickly though!

How do we prepare for these?

We’ll help with this! We’ll make sure you have all of the details in advance, send session reminders, what to wear advice, and are always available for any questions you have. Bottom line: we’ve got you, no worries!

 How much does a mini session cost?

The price varies from mini session to mini session. We offer mini sessions through both of our brands (Adam & Becca and A.R. Davis Media). Our Adam & Becca sessions will be a higher investment and will have less availability. If you are on our email list, you’ll get an early bird discount!

 How many images do I get from a mini session?

You will receive a minimum of 10 images from a 10-minute mini session and a minimum of 15 images from a 20-minute mini session.

 How do I book a mini session?

Our email list will have first access to booking mini sessions and a special early bird discount. You can sign up for our email list HERE. Otherwise, we’ll share the remaining availability to social media after sharing it with our email list.

 Okay, but what is the process to actually book the session?

1) To book a mini session, you will choose your time slot by emailing us with your preferred time slot(s).

2) Once we have all of the sessions you want to book, we’ll calculate your total investment and early bird discount, if applicable.

3) We’ll send you an invoice & contract.

4) You pay the full invoice & sign the contract.

5) Your time slot is confirmed and officially removed from the calendar.

 Will you help me prepare for the session?

Yes! We have custom resources to help you feel prepared going into the session. Plus, we’ll support you leading up to the session to take all of the guesswork out of the process. We’ll also make sure you know exactly what to expect after the session!

 What if my kids are not in the mood?

We have a little one too, we get it! Sometimes they are just not feeling it. In most cases, it’s fine and we’ll get great photos even if your kid(s) are not loving the process. We also work to help your child feel comfortable with us. We never want to make a child feel uncomfortable with a camera! We respect their boundaries and sometimes they just need a breather. Want to know the real truth, though? Most of the time when parents are so worried about their kids behaving or  looking at the camera, it’s actually the parents that aren’t looking at the camera! We’re guilty of it too! We promise even if things feel a little chaotic at times, the photos will turn out beautifully. If your kid or baby just really needs a break and the mini session time slot has ended, we will work with you to make it up either between sessions or on another day. Life happens!

 What if I hate having my photo taken?

If only I had a dollar for every time someone has told us they hate to have their photo taken! Our job is to give you confidence throughout the sess
ion. We strive to make photos with us fun and laid back. After your session with us, you may not love having your photo taken, but you will most likely have enjoyed the session with being worried about being on camera!

 I’ve never had professional photos taken and I’m nervous!

We got you! It’s our job to coach you throughout the mini session and give you the confidence to have a great time on camera! If you have specific concerns about your mini session, you can feel free to tell us in advance!

 This all sounds great! What do I need to do to make sure I can sign up ASAP?

YAY! So happy to hear that! The best thing to do is join our mini session email list HERE. If you missed the April 5 early bird emails, then be sure to follow our social media (Instagram: @adamandbecca | @ardavismedia & Facebook: @adamandbecca | @ardavismedia) to see when we open the remaining time slots! If you want to make sure you’re the first to know on social media, be sure to turn post notifications on!



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