S1 E5: How To Propose

November 29, 2021

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S1 E5: How To Propose
S1 E5: How To Propose
S1 E5: How To Propose
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New on the podcast: How to Propose.

Its holiday engagement season, the most romantic time of the year. Asking the one you love to marry you can be scary or intimidating, but we are here to help!

We chat about our tips and advice to planning the perfect proposal for you and your partner. We also share some proposal stories from our own wedding clients!


Decide when and where to propose

Is there a particular date that is meaningful to both of you? A season that your partner loves? Or an activity you love to do together? If you are in a long-distance relationship, consider when you’ll be in the same city.

What size group should be present?

Would your partner be comfortable with just the two of you, a few close individuals, or a large group present (think public setting or holiday party)?

Buy or design a ring.

Figure out what type of ring your partner wants. You can look together ahead of time, get inspiration via Pinterest, or incorporate a family heirloom. Make sure you know their ring size!

Incorporate personal touches into the proposal if you can.

This could be anything fro having a ring box in their favorite color, a fur friend help ask the question, or following up the proposal with a surprise party. Ask family and friends for help if you’re feeling stumped!

Coordinate with a photographer and/or videographer to capture the moment.

Let your photographer know your proposal location and vision so they can plan where to hide in order to capture the excitement! They can help you with ideas – don’t worry! You can even do an impromptu engagement session afterwards.

Be flexible if your plans need to adjust.

Things happen! Don’t stress out if your proposal plans need to adjust based on weather, timing, or general life. Regroup, adjust the plan as needed, and keep moving forward. They will still love it!

Most importantly, do what YOU want!


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