Should I Invest in a Second Photographer for my Wedding?

January 21, 2021

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Should I Invest in a Second Photographer for my Wedding?
Should I Invest in a Second Photographer for my Wedding?
Should I Invest in a Second Photographer for my Wedding?
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If you’re reading this, I bet you’re trying to decide if you should have a second photographer in your wedding collection or not.


Some of the common questions people ask when planning their wedding and deciding on a second photographer fall along the lines of:


Are they worth the investment?

What do they even do?

Will they really help you’re your day or can one photographer cover everything?

What will you miss out on if you don’t have a second photographer?


So, let’s get into the details, shall we?

First, it is important to know that every photographer operates differently. Each lead photographer uses a second photographer in different ways. If you’re on the fence about whether to have a second photographer at your wedding day, the best thing to do is chat with your favorite wedding photographer about it during the booking process. Ask them if they think you could benefit from a second photographer after describing your wedding day. We have a mental checklist of different wedding day situations where we would recommend a second photographer and scenarios where we don’t think they are necessary.

 As a business, we include second photographers in our wedding collections but give our wedding couples the opportunity to remove the second photographer if their budget needs to decrease the overall investment and we feel that their wedding day will not be impacted by the removal of a second photographer.


What are the benefits of a second photographer?

A second photographer is a second set of eyes and hands throughout wedding day. They support your lead photographer from start to finish on wedding day. They help with so many things whether it’s carrying details for detail photos (that wedding dress can be heavy sometimes!) or grabbing candid photos during getting ready so both photographers can be in two places at once.

A second photographer makes it possible to have multiple angles at the same time without your lead photographer needing to run around like crazy getting multiple angles (think first looks and walking down the aisle). We’re able to get all of these moments without a second photographer but it is much easier with their help!

During portraits a second photographer can be there to help fluff a dress, hold up a veil, grab water, all while taking beautiful candid images. Honestly second photographers can be wedding day fairies! They seem to be everywhere and just the extra set of helpful hands everyone needs!


How do we work with second photographers at our weddings?

When we work with a second photographer on wedding day, they are typically someone that we are also in the process of training to be one of our associate photographers or are already an associate photographer. Throughout the day our second photographer’s goal is to be our skilled assistant and valued moment catcher. They will help us with keeping the timeline on track, organizing family photos, holding up veils, fluffing dresses, and other things like that as well as capturing candid photos through the entire day. They make it possible for us to sometimes be two places at once as well. We’ll work in a complementary way during first looks and when your walk down the aisle to make sure we aren’t in each other’s way but also getting those special moments of each of you!

When we are doing photo and video for you, our second photography is super helpful with supporting Adam and I. They won’t capture any video but they will work with both of us so that I can capture plenty of detail photos while Adam grabs what detail footage he needs and then they’d go capture getting ready photos and videos of the wedding party while I finish up all of the extra detail photos!

Important to know: If you do have a second photographer at your wedding with our business, it would rarely be Adam and I working together as lead/second photographers because most wedding days Adam leads videography and I lead photography OR we are at our own separate weddings.


What are the scenarios where we could by without investing in a second photographer?

Throughout the years, Adam and I have both captured countless weddings on our own without a second photographer. We are 100% able to capture the big and small moments without your wedding day but it is all much easier with a second photographer. The flexibility to do things like go to the restroom without being afraid you’ll miss something is a gift in itself! But how can you know exactly whether or not you should have second? If you’re planning to have an intimate wedding (100 or less) a second photographer most likely isn’t necessary BUT they can still provide all of the benefits at a small wedding as they would at a big wedding – a second set of eyes capturing little moments throughout the day and just general support to your lead photographer and YOU throughout wedding day. You can get by without a second if (1) you are investing a skilled and competent lead photographer (2) you are having a smaller, more intimate wedding (3) you are having a smaller wedding party and most likely won’t require your photographer to be two places at once and (4) you just can’t swing it budget wise – the most important thing is to invest in your favorite lead photographer and if they say they can cover the day without a second, then trust them.


That’s it folks! Let’s recap:

 Invest in a Second Photographer IF:

–       Your budget allows for it

–       You are having a large wedding and your lead photographer recommends it

–       You will need to have a photographer in two places at once

–       You are having a very large wedding party

–       ALWAYS invest in a second photographer if this applies to you: you or someone close to you had a bad experience with a photographer and missed special wedding day memories. You will feel so much peace in having two people at your wedding! Of course, keep in mind to invest in a skilled and competent lead photographer that you LOVE and TRUST!


Skip the Second Photographer IF:

–       Your budget can’t cover it and you’re uncomfortable stretching it. My best advice here is to i
nvest in a skilled, competent lead photographer that you LOVE and TRUST…
I think I’ve said that before, haha!

–       You are having a small wedding and wedding party

–       You won’t need your photographer to be two places at once


I’d love to help you out if you have any more questions about whether you should have a second photographer at your wedding or not!


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