Should You Be Using Instagram to Find Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer?

October 11, 2023

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Should You Be Using Instagram to Find Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer?
Should You Be Using Instagram to Find Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer?
Should You Be Using Instagram to Find Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer?
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Duration: Approximately 31 minutes

Welcome back to another episode of A Couple and Some Cameras! In today’s episode, we’re answering a very important question: Should you use Instagram to find your wedding photographer and videographer? We’ll cover how to use Instagram as a search tool to find your perfect vendors and also give some tips for vendors to optimize the free marketing platform.

So, let’s dive in, shall we?

Should you be using Instagram to find your wedding photographer and videographer? 

TLDR: Absolutely YES.

Instagram is a great place to quickly view wedding vendors and especially get a feel for the editing style and photography or videography styles you prefer. But how should you use Instagram to have success when finding your wedding photographer and videographer? Glad you asked!

Start With Searching

Search hashtags, locations, venues, or even editing styles. You can look for hashtags that align with your wedding vision or even your geographic location. An important thing to remember is that most wedding photographers and videographers love to travel to new locations for weddings. Geographic locations won’t be a big hurdle for finding a photographer or videographer!

Decide On Editing Style

Searching on Instagram is a great way to quickly get a feel for the editing style you prefer. Editing styles fall into three main categories: light and airy, true-to-tone, and dark and moody.

Find The Shooting Style You Like Best

Once you know which editing styles you like, look closer at photographers and videographers that fit those styles. Then, look for the type of style they shoot in. Shooting style typically falls into these categories: candid, documentary, editorial, cinematic, traditional, and a mix!

Follow Your Favorites and Get To Know Them

By following your favorite photographers and videographers, you’ll be able to see more of what they post and get a better feel for who they are. Of course, go through websites as well! But following the photographers and videographers will help you get a feel for whether you think you’d enjoy spending so much time with them at your wedding.

Inquire and Book

This is the stage that is super exciting for you, your photographer, and your videographer. Inquire with your favorites and book as soon as you can so you can make sure your favorite photographer and videographer are available for your wedding.

For Vendors

  • Standout by being authentic and true to who you are
  • Remember that Instagram is a free marketing tool that you should be leveraging because who doesn’t love some incredible ROI?!
  • Be sure to post consistently. You don’t have to post every day, but be consistent!

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Thank you for joining Adam and Becca for another exciting season of the A Couple and Some Cameras podcast! Stay tuned for more captivating stories, valuable insights, and endless inspiration in the episodes to come.

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