Spooky Tales & Solutions from Behind the Lens

October 31, 2023

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Spooky Tales & Solutions from Behind the Lens
Spooky Tales & Solutions from Behind the Lens
Spooky Tales & Solutions from Behind the Lens
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Dive into eerie encounters and learn how to navigate the unexpected with Adam and Becca in this Halloween special.

Duration: Approximately 17 minutes


Welcome back to another episode of A Couple and Some Cameras! This week, we’re coming to you a day early with a special Halloween Edition episode of the A Couple and Some Cameras podcast. 

In this episode, we’re sharing some moments that spooked us as wedding photographers and videographers, spooky intrusive thoughts, and some shared spooky moments from our audience (love you guys!). 

But it wouldn’t be A Couple and Some Cameras if we just shared a scary moment and then went on with our lives. We’ll also share how each moment was overcome and what can be done to prevent anything too spooky from happening to you at a wedding!

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Thank you for joining Adam and Becca for another exciting season of the A Couple and Some Cameras podcast! Stay tuned for more captivating stories, valuable insights, and endless inspiration in the episodes to come.

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