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Photographer: Don’t Let Your To-Do List Eclipse Your “Why”

April 9, 2024

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Photographer: Don’t Let Your To-Do List Eclipse Your “Why”
Photographer: Don’t Let Your To-Do List Eclipse Your “Why”
Photographer: Don’t Let Your To-Do List Eclipse Your “Why”
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As a full-time photographer, I often find myself buried in endless to-do lists, always focusing on what’s next. But a recent event—the much-anticipated total eclipse—offered me a profound reminder of why it’s crucial to sometimes just stop and live in the moment.

Becca, a full time photographer and wedding photography educator smiling at the camera while working on her computer with a coffee cup and camera on her desk as a full time photographer

We watched the eclipse with my Charlie at his daycare, and it turned out to be such a magical experience. The most surreal part? How noticeably cold it got once the sun was completely obscured by the moon. Charlie’s awe-struck voice saying, “this is the coolest thing of my life,” not only warmed my heart but also brought everything into perspective—it made our day, to say the least.

Our hometown, Columbus, IN, lay directly in the eclipse’s totality path, turning the celestial event into a communal celebration. Our town buzzed with “solarbration” activities all weekend and through the eclipse on Monday. Yet, amidst this cosmic festivity, I nearly missed out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Overcoming A Long To-Do List As A Full Time Photographer

Heading into Monday, I had a longggggg to-do list. I convinced myself that I simply couldn’t spare the time to watch the eclipse. I almost let the mundane, day-to-day work tasks prevent me from sharing this incredible moment with not just millions along the totality path, but more importantly, with an ecstatic Charlie.

This near-miss sparked a crucial realization. So often, we small business owners joke about leaving our 9-5 jobs only to work every waking moment. It’s a bittersweet sentiment; we chase our passions, achieve our dreams of independence, only to find ourselves ensnared in the relentless pace of running a business and navigating daily life.

Reflecting on this, I was reminded of a significant reason behind my decision to leave the corporate grind and become a full time photographer: the desire for control over my time, to have the freedom to work according to my schedule and live fully in each moment. However, amidst chasing new milestones as a full time photographer and ticking off tasks, that core objective seems to fade into the background.

So, here’s my gentle nudge to you, and a reminder to myself: Don’t let your to-do list eclipse your “why.”

Yes, the pun is very much intended 😉. But on a serious note, it’s essential to remember the dreams and passions that propelled us on this journey to be a full time photographer in the first place. Take time to pause, breathe, and experience life’s magical moments. Whether it’s a celestial event like an eclipse or simply enjoying a quiet morning before diving into work, these are the experiences that enrich our lives, providing clarity and joy amidst our busy schedules.

Reminder: Live In The Moment

Photographer, let’s not wait for another eclipse to remind us of what’s truly important. Instead, let’s make a conscious effort to balance our ambitions with the precious, fleeting moments that life offers. Because, in the end, it’s these moments that fuel our spirits and give deeper meaning to our endeavors.

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